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The name Clarion Concepts has its genesis in Ezekiel 33:

“…when I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people…”

A clarion call is a call to warning or call to action, just like the trumpet call in Ezekiel 33.  Our job at Clarion Concepts is to spread the word and help our clients learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones from violence in the world.

Our goal is to help people feel comfortable handling firearms and confident in their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Whether you have never touched a firearm or you have been shooting all your life, our classes will move at your speed and meet you where you are at in your self-defense journey.  We encourage you to take the classes with your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, fellow church members, and especially with your spouse.


Owner and Head Instructor

Kevin Moletti is the owner and head instructor of Clarion Concepts.  Kevin has been educating students in private and group lessons for the past 15 years.  He is a NRA pistol instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and certified by the Illinois State Police to teach IL Concealed Carry courses.  Kevin believes strongly in the old saying, “the best way to become a good teacher is to become an even better student.”  He travels all over the U.S. taking formal training classes with industry experts such as Craig Douglas with Shivworks, Steve Fisher with Sentinel Concepts, Dark Angel Medical, John Chapman with Forge Tactical, Centrifuge Training, Chuck Pressburg with Pressecheck Consulting, Varg Freeborn with One Life Tactical, Erik Utrecht with MDFI, Ernest Langdon with Langdon Tactical, Jared Reston with The Reston Group, Michael Sebastien with Tactical Night Vision Company, and Joe Weyer with the Alliance Police Department in Ohio.

His interest in firearms took on a whole new meaning when he had his first daughter in 2009. Since then, he has taken every opportunity possible to train on a regular basis and become a dedicated student of the gun.  Four girls later, his intensity and dedication to the art of self-defense is that much stronger.

Being surrounded by so many women in his home, he has grown a heart for teaching women how to defend themselves.  He feels the easiest way to level the playing field in a self-defense encounter with a lumberjack-sized threat (like Kevin’s size) is by knowing how to effectively use a firearm.  Nothing makes Kevin smile more than seeing somone’s nervousness around firearms turned into excitement after shooting for the first time.

In the spring of 2021, Kevin was asked to join the long running podcast, Practically Tactical, as a host.  On this show, he regularly interviews some of the top instructors and subject matter experts from around the U.S.  The focus of this show is to “add critical thinking to your everyday carry.”  Unlike most firearms related shows, Practically Tactical focuses on the decsion making skills and training necessary to survive a lethal force encounter.  For more information on Pratically Tactical or to learn how to join our exciting and growing community, follow the link HERE.

His day job is as a Chemical Operator for a local chemical manufacturer, where he doubles as his company’s Training Officer for the Emergency Rescue Team.  On top of his leadership role on the team, he is also trained as a First Responder, Exterior Firefighter, HazMat Rescue Technician, and Rope/ Confined Space Rescue Technician.



To learn self-defense you must know about the tools you will use.  The emphasis is on safe and responsible handling of handguns.  Topics include the 4 firearm safety rules, types and parts of handguns, ammunition selection, and how to find the handgun that is right for you.


In order to defend yourself, there are some physical skills that you need to learn in the deployment of a firearm.  Topics include the 5 principles of handgun marksmanship, loading, cleaning, drawing from concealment, clearing malfunctions, and drills to practice.


Mindset is the most important tool available in self-defense.  Knowing how to avoid a fight is just as important as knowing how to win the fight.  Topics we will cover include situational awareness, the legal use of force, concealed carry laws and conflict avoidance.


You have won your violent encounter, now what?  In this section we will cover the emotional and spirtual tolls of engaging in a lethal force encounter and how to interact with the authorities.


We currently offer four classes to meet your needs.  Each class can be tailored to your skill level and adapted for your specific situation.


What makes our approach to this course unique is how our classes are structured.

Most 16 Hour IL Concealed Carry courses are taught with larger classes over a Saturday and Sunday.  We realize that many families care about their self-defense, but weekends are often already full with family events.

We work with families to create a class around their busy schedules.  We have broken up the 16 Hour IL Concealed Carry Curriculum into four, four-hour parts to give us flexibility in scheduling.  We can schedule those four-hours parts any way you’d like, split up between two to four days on weekends or weekdays.

To help make these classes as comfortable as possible, we can bring the class to you.  As a host, you open your home to 4-8 other like-minded friends, family members, neighbors, or church members and we do the rest.  We bring the educational materials, class props, slide shows, and refreshments to make the class as informative as it is entertaining.  We even have childcare available for those families with kids.  If space is an issue for your group, we have access to a large classroom in East Peoria to host classes as well.

If you are interested in hosting a class with your friends and family, or your church is interested in hosting a course, contact us below!  Hosts will be able to take the class at a significant discount as an individual or couple.

Individual 3 HOUR RENEWAL

Since the State of Illinois passed the bill allowing concealed carry five years ago, thousands of men and women have heeded the call and choosen to carry their own means of self-defense.  If you were one of the early ones to apply for the concealed carry license, you are nearing the point of renewal.  If you are in need of a renewal but are on a time crunch, we find a time for a private, individual renewal in the privacy of your home or at the range.  We are able to bring everything you need to your renewal, including the live fire qualification.

 The 3+ Hour Renewal class goes much beyond the State of Illinois’s requirements and teaches what you actually need to remember about carrying a concealed weapon.  Contact us today to schedule a time.


If you are concerned with your ability to defend yourself and your family, but you have never touched a firearm in your life and the idea of taking the 16 Hour IL Concealed Carry Course is really intimidating for you, this is the class for you.

Or if you have taken your 16 Hour Concealed Course and looking to improve your skills, then this is your perfect next step.

The Handgun Lesson  is a one-on-one lesson to help familiarize you with shooting a handgun.  You will learn the 4 Firearm Safety Rules and how to safely handle and fire a handgun in a safe and fun environment.  

We have the opportunity to use either an indoor range for an additional range fee or several outdoor ranges.  The lesson lasts as long as it needs to for you to feel better about your shooting.


Life happens in the blink of an eye and disaster can strike.  This free trauma class will teach you what you need to do to effectively stop traumatic bleeding using a variety of tools on hand.

“The PowerPoint presentation was very organized and made it easy for a person not really knowledgeable about pistols feel comfortacble.”

– Jamie of Pekin

“Kevin’s class was very informative with lots of hands on learning.  I enjoyed that he can cater to private parties.  He is a very good instructor and I would recomment him to anyone.”

– Josh of Peoria

“I liked that the class was geared towards all levels of experience.  I didn’t feel intimidated.  The class was excellent.”

– Suellyn of Bartonville

“The most helpful part of class was watching and talking about videos of real life situations.  I feel like I learned a lot.”

– Paul of Pekin


16 Hour IL Concealed

Divided into four, four-hour parts.

Contact for Pricing and group rates.

Private Handgun Lesson

A one-on-one lesson.





(Prices do not include ammunition or range fees.)

Individual 3 Hour Renewal


Private 3-hour renewal with live fire qualifier

Stop the Bleed Trauma Course




Like most things in life, to be good you need good practice.  Make your practice sessions productive and measurable.  Part of our class will include basic drills using these targets.  Feel free to download and print these targets to use on your own.